Haiku-A-Day #283

Marching in rhythm
Chasing carrot on a stick
Promise of glory

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Haiku-A-Day #282

Their torches ablaze
Angry mob toting pitchforks
Chasing the creature

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Haiku-A-Day #281

Color explosion
The world drenched in a rainbow
Mind melting brightness

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Haiku-A-Day #280

The looming darkness
Grinning and salivating
For tasty morsels

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Haiku-A-Day #279

Four silvered fur paws
Speeding through the dark forest
Under the full moon

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300 Words, Day Seventy Six: The Walker

Mathilda watched the ripples in her tea, slowly stretching outward. Her eyes darted to the window that overlooked the valley. The ripples grew more intense, then the cup itself rattled. Deep in the earth, she could feel the vibrations rising through the floor of her cottage. She ran to window and leaned out, her whole house shuddering now, a pan falling from a hook and landing with a clatter. Her heartbeat slowed, falling in rhythm with the deep sound that approached from around the hill.

A great stone hand reached over the hill and dug its fingers into the ground. Mathilda took in a deep breath and stepped back into her house. The massive figure pulled itself up, revealing first a carved face with glowing eyes and a smiling mouth that bared great fangs. Beams of light shone out bright through its eyes, dancing independently of the other across the valley. The statue heaved the rest of itself over and stood at full height, seeming to reach the very heavens that must have imbued it with life. Symbols and figures were  etched all over its body, things that Mathilda could never recognize.

One of the beams landed on a patch of bare ground at the center of the valley, the other raced up to her cottage and illuminated her panicked figure. Mathilda couldn’t seem to move, though the statue had never tried to hurt her in all these years, its face was very unsettling.

The light seemed to leave as soon as it had came, and both beams focused on the ground. It approached the spot and knelt down, plunging its fingers into the soil. The air itself seemed to vibrate. Mathilda was hit with a sudden nausea. She clutched her stomach but couldn’t bring herself to look away. Soon all of the markings along the statue began to glow, from the lowest all the way to its head. Mathilda looked over at the forest and could see that another section of trees was wilting away, curling in on themselves and shrinking down to nothing. Then a beam of light shot up into the sky from the statue, a bright purple. It parted the clouds and disappeared.

Mathilda raised a hand to her mouth, fighting back tears. The statue stood and looked at her again with both eyes. That smile looked hungry. She wanted to scream at it, to plead with it to stop killing her home, but she couldn’t find the words. Then the statue was lumbering away, leaving behind a barren valley and a half-dead forest.

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Haiku-A-Day #278

Thundering footsteps
Massive vagabond statues
Roaming the country

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