300 Words, Day 41: Darn It

Danny sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes. Some Disney song was blaring out of the radio. He stumbled across the room and turned it off with a groan. Then he just stood there in a state of half consciousness.

The alarm on his phone went off next, an annoying beeping noise. He snapped back to reality and walked to the other side of the room and turned that one off too.

Early morning light shone through his basement apartment windows that sat high on his walls. He shuffled through his morning routines then sat at his desk with a bowl of cereal.

He chomped away on crunchy goodness when his gaze fell on the calendar. A series of red X’s in a row marked off each day of the month so far. Except for yesterday.

Danny set his spoon down and stared at it, shaking his head. He sighed and realized he had been out too late last night and hadn’t finished his daily writing. His mind raced. The inner workings of the universe, of time and space, suddenly became clear to him. This sudden flood of understanding knocked him out his chair and gave him a nosebleed.

Danny got up and dug out some tissues. After tending to his nose and trying not to faint, he went to work. He grabbed the tools from the garage and started to take apart all the electronics in the house. His computer, his girlfriend’s laptop, his roommates microwave.

All of the parts and pieces sat in a big pile in his living room. Trough his eyes, a set of instructions hovered over everything. He set to putting all of it back together into a single machine.

It took hours, and a number of curse words, for Danny to finish the project. He took a step back and took in his work. It just looked like a big metal container with knobs and switches all over it.

He checked the date on his phone, May 4th. Danny took a deep breath and climbed into the machine, curling himself up to fit. The lid closed automatically behind him. A screen turned on and a little keyboard slid out. He input a date, May 3rd, and hit enter.

The whole unit began to shake violently. It hopped once, then twice, then it felt weightless. Danny floated around in the tiny space then it all came crashing down.

It knocked the air out of him. He lie there a moment recomposing himself, then he pressed up on the lid and it opened with a hiss. Danny stood up and checked the date again. May 3rd.

Danny laughed and jumped up, tripping over the machine and landing in his face. He yelped and pushed himself back up, his face turning red.

He ran back to his desk and turned on his computer, typing away at the story he hadn’t done the day before.


About corkedbottle

Hello hello. I'm a guy that likes to write and is really good at not writing. I've never thought of myself as a good writer, but it's fun, and I'll never get better if I don't write more!
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