The Lights

The two light bulbs stared at one another across the room, two unimposing glass forms. A rivalry filled the space between them, illuminated in harsh brilliance. In constant competition, one bulb was always endeavoring to outshine the other.

Time went by.

Then the flickers started. On one of the end room, one of the bulb’s strength began to falter. Its light would cut out and in a rush of panic would come back on again. It could feel the ever watchful stare from the other bulb, bright and constant. No attempt to stop the flickers was met with any success. Instead, they only happened more often. It could hear the snickers from across the room.






The fits were too much to bear. One day it went out. The other bulb chuckled and waited for the light to come back. It didn’t. For some time it sat in disbelief.

It began to really notice how dark the other side of the room had become. Alone now, its own light wasn’t enough for the big space.


About corkedbottle

Hello hello. I'm a guy that likes to write and is really good at not writing. I've never thought of myself as a good writer, but it's fun, and I'll never get better if I don't write more!
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